Is Brooks Glycerin 19 good for running?

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Evaluating the Brooks Glycerin 19: A Comprehensive Analysis of its Performance for Running Enthusiasts

In the ever-evolving world of running shoes, choosing the right pair can be a daunting task. With numerous brands and models flooding the market, each boasting unique features and technologies, runners often find themselves grappling with the decision of which shoe is the best fit for their individual needs. One such contender in the running shoe arena is the Brooks Glycerin 19.

Renowned for its plush cushioning and innovative design, the Glycerin 19 has generated considerable buzz among runners. In this comprehensive article, we delve deep into the various aspects of the Brooks Glycerin 19 to determine if it lives up to the hype and is indeed a good choice for running enthusiasts.

Cushioning Technology:

At the heart of the Brooks Glycerin 19 lies its cushioning technology, a critical factor for runners seeking comfort and protection during their runs. Brooks employs their DNA LOFT technology in the midsole of the Glycerin 19, promising a balance between softness and durability. This adaptive cushioning system is designed to provide a plush underfoot feel while maintaining responsiveness, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

The DNA LOFT technology is especially beneficial for runners with a neutral gait who require sufficient cushioning to absorb impact forces during each stride. The midsole’s ability to adapt to the runner’s unique stride dynamics makes the Glycerin 19 a versatile choice for various running conditions and terrains. The plush feel underfoot can enhance the overall running experience, especially during long-distance sessions where comfort becomes paramount.

Fit and Comfort:

Comfort is a paramount consideration for any running shoe, and the Brooks Glycerin 19 has taken significant strides to deliver an exceptionally comfortable fit. The shoe features a 3D Fit Print upper that conforms to the foot’s shape, providing a snug yet breathable fit. The engineered mesh upper allows for adequate ventilation, preventing overheating during extended runs.

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The plush collar and tongue contribute to a secure and cushioned feel around the ankle, minimizing the risk of chafing or discomfort. Runners who prioritize a glove-like fit and appreciate a plush interior will likely find the Glycerin 19 to be a comfortable and accommodating choice.

Weight and Responsiveness:

While cushioning is a priority for many runners, the weight of the shoe also plays a crucial role in determining its overall performance. The Brooks Glycerin 19 strikes a balance between plush cushioning and a reasonable weight, making it suitable for both daily training and longer-distance runs.

Runners who prioritize a lightweight feel may find the Glycerin 19 slightly on the heavier side compared to some minimalist models. However, the shoe compensates for its weight with a responsive midsole, ensuring that each stride feels efficient and propulsive. The balance between cushioning and responsiveness is essential for runners seeking a versatile shoe that can handle a variety of training scenarios.

Durability and Construction:

Investing in a durable running shoe is a wise decision for any avid runner. The Brooks Glycerin 19 incorporates robust materials and construction techniques to enhance its longevity. The outsole features a durable rubber compound with ample traction, providing excellent grip on different surfaces.

The 3D Fit Print upper not only contributes to the shoe’s comfort but also adds to its durability by reducing wear and tear. The reinforced overlays and sturdy lacing system contribute to the shoe’s overall structural integrity, making it a reliable choice for runners who put their shoes through rigorous training sessions.

Stability and Support:

Stability and support are critical factors, especially for runners with overpronation tendencies or those seeking a shoe that can provide added support during longer runs. The Brooks Glycerin 19 caters to these needs with its GuideRails technology incorporated into the midsole.

GuideRails are designed to keep excess movement in check, offering support for runners who may experience inward or outward rolling of the foot. While the Glycerin 19 is not classified as a stability shoe, the GuideRails technology provides an added layer of support without compromising the shoe’s overall versatility.

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Terrain Adaptability:

The versatility of a running shoe is often determined by its ability to handle different terrains and running conditions. The Brooks Glycerin 19 performs admirably in various settings, from paved roads to light trails. The durable outsole with its reliable traction ensures a secure grip on both wet and dry surfaces, providing confidence to runners tackling diverse terrains.

However, it’s essential to note that the Glycerin 19 is not specifically designed for trail running or harsh off-road conditions. While it can handle occasional trail runs, runners seeking a dedicated trail shoe might find other models more suitable for their needs.

Comparisons with Previous Models:

To truly understand the evolution of the Brooks Glycerin line, it’s essential to compare the Glycerin 19 with its predecessors. Each iteration of the Glycerin series introduces enhancements and improvements, building on the successes of previous models.

Compared to the Glycerin 18, the Glycerin 19 showcases refinements in both design and technology. The updated 3D Fit Print upper provides a more streamlined and comfortable fit, while the midsole’s DNA LOFT technology offers a softer and more responsive feel. Runners who appreciated the Glycerin 18 will likely find the Glycerin 19 to be a worthy successor, with noticeable improvements in comfort and performance.

User Feedback and Reviews:

A crucial aspect of evaluating any running shoe is considering the feedback and reviews from actual users. The Brooks Glycerin 19 has garnered positive reviews from runners of various backgrounds and experience levels. Many users praise the shoe’s exceptional comfort, citing the plush cushioning and supportive fit as standout features.

Some runners specifically highlight the Glycerin 19’s suitability for long-distance runs, emphasizing its ability to provide a smooth and comfortable ride even during extended sessions. However, as with any product, individual preferences and foot types vary, and there are instances where the shoe may not be the perfect match for everyone.

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Potential Drawbacks:

While the Brooks Glycerin 19 has received widespread acclaim, it’s essential to acknowledge some potential drawbacks that may affect certain runners’ preferences. One commonly mentioned aspect is the shoe’s weight, which, while reasonable for its cushioning level, may be perceived as slightly heavy by those who prioritize an ultra-light running experience.

Additionally, some runners with a preference for a firmer and more responsive feel might find the Glycerin 19’s plush cushioning to be excessive. It’s crucial for individuals to consider their specific running style, preferences, and needs when determining whether the Glycerin 19 aligns with their expectations.


In the vast landscape of running shoes, the Brooks Glycerin 19 stands out as a solid contender, offering a combination of plush cushioning, comfort, and versatility. Its DNA LOFT technology provides a luxurious underfoot feel, making it an excellent choice for runners prioritizing comfort during long-distance runs. The shoe’s durability, stability features, and adaptability to various terrains contribute to its overall appeal.

While some runners may find the Glycerin 19 slightly heavier than their preferred models or desire a firmer ride, these considerations are often subjective and dependent on individual preferences. Ultimately, the Glycerin 19 excels as a reliable and well-rounded running shoe, suitable for a wide range of runners seeking a balance between cushioning and performance.

As with any running shoe purchase, it’s advisable for runners to try the Brooks Glycerin 19 in-store or through a reputable online retailer, taking into account their unique foot anatomy, running style, and preferences. By doing so, runners can make an informed decision and potentially discover a trusted companion for their training journeys.

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