Dell XPS 15 9560 vs ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511: Which one is Good?

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When choosing between the Dell XPS 15 9560 and the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511, it’s essential to consider the key features that set them apart. In this comparison, we will break down the main differences to help you decide which laptop suits your needs best.

But before we get to the full details, here’s a quick look at the Dell XPS 15 9560 vs ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511.

  • Dell XPS 15 9560

    Dell XPS 15 9560 Laptop
    • Blue Depths
    • Super Comfortable
    • Cushioned
    • Affordable
    • Heavyweight
    • Water Resistant
  • ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511

    ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511 Laptop
    • Glycerin GTS 19
    • Great Support
    • Maximum Cusion and Support
    • Supersoft Cushioning
    • Smooth Transition

Dell XPS 15 9560 vs ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511

Are you in the market for a new laptop but stuck between the Dell XPS 15 9560 and the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511? Choosing the right laptop can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many options available. But fear not! We’re here to help you make the best decision.

In today’s fast-paced world, having a reliable laptop is essential. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a gamer, having a powerful and efficient laptop can greatly enhance your productivity and overall user experience. The Dell XPS 15 9560 and the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511 are both highly popular choices, but they have their differences.

Purchasing a laptop is an investment, and it’s important to choose one that suits your specific needs and preferences. In order to make an informed decision, it’s crucial to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each laptop. In this article, we will compare the Dell XPS 15 9560 and the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511, highlighting their key features and performance, to help you determine which one is the better option for you.

Dell XPS 15 9560 Laptop

Dell XPS 15 9560 Laptop

Dell XPS 15 9560

  • Material type: Mesh
  • Closure type: Lace-Up
  • Heel type: Flat
  • Water resistance level: Water Resistant
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Style: Running Shoes


  • 6th or 7th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 Processors: These processors are several generations behind the latest and may not offer the same level of performance for demanding tasks.
  • Up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM: A good amount of RAM for multitasking at the time of release, but higher capacities are common in newer laptops.
  • Up to 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD or 2TB HDD Storage: While the SSD offers faster loading times, the HDD option is slower and offers less capacity than typical SSDs in newer laptops.
  • 15.6-inch UHD+ (3840 x 2160) IPS display with optional touch support
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics: A capable graphics card for the time, but not ideal for running modern games at high settings.
  • Killer 1535 Wireless-AC networking: Supports Wi-Fi 5 but not the newer and faster Wi-Fi 6 or 6E standards.
  • Thunderbolt 3 ports: Still relevant for connecting to high-speed peripherals and displays.
  • Limited warranty: Dell likely no longer offers official technical support for this model.


  • Potentially Affordable: You might find the XPS 15 9560 at a discounted price due to its age.
  • Good Build Quality: Dell XPS laptops are known for their premium build quality with a metal chassis.
  • Sharp Display: The UHD+ display offers high resolution for crisp visuals.
  • Sufficient RAM for many tasks: 16GB or 32GB of RAM was good at the time and can still handle moderate multitasking.


  • Limited Storage Options by Today’s Standards: While 1TB was good in 2016, some users may prefer more storage space, especially if considering a model with a traditional HDD.
  • Outdated Wireless Technology: Wi-Fi 5 isn’t as fast as the newer Wi-Fi 6 or 6E standards.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511 Laptop

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511 is a high-performance gaming laptop designed for gamers who demand a balance between power, portability, and affordability.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511 Laptop

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511

  • Material type: Mesh
  • Closure type: Lace-Up
  • Heel type: Flat
  • Water resistance level: Water Resistant
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Style: Running Shoes


  • Powerful Processors: Equipped with AMD Ryzen 6000 series processors, like the Ryzen 6800HS or 6900HS, offering strong performance for gaming and demanding applications.
  • Capable Graphics: Includes NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 or RTX 3070 graphics cards, allowing you to play modern games at high settings with good frame rates and take advantage of features like ray tracing for enhanced visuals.
  • Up to 32GB of DDR5 RAM: Ensures smooth multitasking and handling of heavy games.
  • Up to 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD Storage: Provides fast loading times for games and applications, with some configurations offering even more storage space.
  • Lightweight Design: Compared to other gaming laptops, the Zephyrus G15 is known for its relatively thin and light design, making it more portable.
  • High Refresh Rate Display: Features a 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS display with a 240Hz refresh rate, providing a smooth and immersive gaming experience.
  • Durable Construction: Built with a magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis for a balance of lightness and durability.
  • Backlit Keyboard: A must-have for low-light gaming environments.
  • Connectivity: Includes USB-A and USB-C ports, HDMI port, and Wi-Fi 6 for strong wireless connections.
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  • Strong Performance: Handles modern games at high settings and other demanding tasks with ease.
  • Portable Design: Compared to bulkier gaming laptops, the Zephyrus G15 is easier to carry around.
  • High Refresh Rate Display: Delivers a smooth and visually pleasing gaming experience.
  • Ample RAM and Storage: Ensures smooth multitasking and provides enough space for games and large files.
  • Durable Build Quality: Feels sturdy despite being lightweight.
  • Backlit Keyboard: Practical for nighttime gaming sessions.


  • Price: While more affordable than some top-tier gaming laptops, it’s still a high-performance machine with a corresponding price tag.
  • Battery Life: Gaming laptops typically prioritize performance over battery life, so expect to be plugged in for extended gaming sessions.

Dell XPS 15 (2024) vs ASUS Zephyrus G15 (2024)

Here is a comparison of the ASUS Zephyrus G15 (2024) vs Dell XPS 15 (2024)

FeatureDell XPS 15 9560ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511
OfferGet Upto 12% OFF!Get Upto 10% OFF!
Processor8th Gen Intel Core i5, i7, or i9AMD Ryzen 5, 7, or 9 5000 Series
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or GTX 1060 Max-QNVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, 3070, or 3080
RAMUp to 32GB DDR4Up to 32GB DDR4
StorageUp to 1TB PCIe NVMe SSDUp to 2TB PCIe NVMe SSD
Display15.6″ FHD (1920×1080) or UHD (3840×2160)15.6″ FHD (1920×1080), WQHD (2560×1440), or UHD (3840×2160)
Battery LifeUp to 13 hours (FHD)Up to 8 hours (FHD)
Weight4.5 lbs (starting)3.75 lbs (starting)
PriceStarting at $999Starting at $1,499
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home or ProWindows 11 Home or Pro
Fingerprint ReaderYesYes
Webcam720p HD720p HD or 1080p FHD
KeyboardBacklit chiclet keyboardBacklit mechanical keyboard
Ports2x Thunderbolt 3, 1x USB-A 3.1, 1x HDMI, 1x SD card reader2x USB-A 3.2 Gen 1, 2x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 (Thunderbolt 4), 1x HDMI 2.0b, 1x RJ45 Ethernet
WirelessWi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.2
Target AudienceContent creators, professionalsGamers, content creators
StrengthsThin and light, excellent display, good battery life (FHD)Powerful performance, good portability for a gaming laptop, high refresh rate display options
WeaknessesOlder graphics card, limited storage optionsShorter battery life, thicker and heavier than XPS 15
Best forUsers who prioritize portability and battery life, moderate creative workGamers who need high performance and portability
Get it now!Get it now!

Performance and Processing Power

At the heart of any laptop lies its processing power, and both the Dell XPS 15 9560 and the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511 excel in this department. The XPS 15 is equipped with Intel’s powerful processors, ranging from Core i5 to i7, ensuring seamless multitasking, efficient productivity, and a smooth overall user experience. On the other hand, the Zephyrus G15 houses AMD’s Ryzen 9 5900HS processor, a formidable competitor that delivers exceptional performance, particularly in tasks demanding high computational power.

When it comes to graphics capabilities, the Dell XPS 15 relies on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 Ti for graphics processing, providing decent performance for gaming and graphic-intensive applications. Meanwhile, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 boasts an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU, a significant upgrade that delivers superior graphics performance, making it a more suitable choice for avid gamers and creative professionals who rely on intensive graphical tasks.

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In terms of memory and storage, both laptops offer configurations that cater to various user needs. The Dell XPS 15 supports up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM and offers storage options ranging from 256GB SSD to 1TB SSD, ensuring snappy responsiveness and ample storage capacity. The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15, however, takes it a step further with up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM and a 1TB NVMe SSD, providing lightning-fast data access and impressive multitasking capabilities.

Display Quality and Visual Experience

The display is a crucial factor in determining the overall user experience, especially for users who engage in content creation, gaming, or media consumption. The Dell XPS 15 features a 15.6-inch InfinityEdge display with a 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160), offering stunning visuals and vibrant colors. The bezel-less design enhances the immersive viewing experience, making it an excellent choice for users who prioritize display quality.

On the other hand, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 sports a 15.6-inch QHD display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, delivering sharp and detailed visuals. The high refresh rate of up to 165Hz ensures smooth gameplay, making it a preferred option for gamers who prioritize a responsive and fluid gaming experience. Additionally, the Zephyrus G15’s display features adaptive sync technology, reducing screen tearing and enhancing overall visual smoothness.

Both laptops utilize IPS panels, ensuring wide viewing angles and accurate color reproduction. However, the choice between a 4K UHD display on the Dell XPS 15 and a QHD display with a higher refresh rate on the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 ultimately depends on individual preferences and specific use cases.

Design and Build Quality

Design is a subjective aspect, and both the Dell XPS 15 9560 and ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511 showcase distinct aesthetics catering to different audiences. The Dell XPS 15 exhibits a sleek and minimalist design, characterized by its aluminum chassis, carbon fiber keyboard deck, and a near-borderless InfinityEdge display. The attention to detail and premium build quality contribute to its professional and sophisticated appearance, making it an ideal choice for business professionals and content creators.

Conversely, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 embraces a more gaming-centric design with angular lines, customizable RGB lighting, and the signature ROG logo on the lid. The magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis not only adds durability but also maintains a relatively lightweight profile, striking a balance between robust build quality and portability. The keyboard on the Zephyrus G15 features customizable RGB backlighting, enhancing the gaming aesthetic while offering practical benefits for low-light environments.

Portability and Connectivity

Portability is a crucial consideration for users who need a laptop for on-the-go productivity or gaming. The Dell XPS 15, despite its larger form factor compared to ultrabooks, manages to strike a balance between portability and performance. Weighing around 4 pounds, it is relatively lightweight for a laptop of its class. The slim profile and compact dimensions make it suitable for users who need a powerful laptop without compromising on portability.

On the other hand, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15, although not as slim as the XPS 15, offers a competitive level of portability for a gaming laptop. Weighing approximately 4.21 pounds, it is relatively lightweight considering its gaming capabilities. The thin profile and compact footprint make it easier to carry in a backpack, appealing to users who want a gaming laptop that doesn’t sacrifice portability.

In terms of connectivity, both laptops come equipped with a variety of ports to accommodate different peripherals and accessories. The Dell XPS 15 features USB-C Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1, HDMI, and a headphone jack, providing a versatile selection for connectivity. The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15, catering to gaming needs, includes USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, LAN, and a 3.5mm audio jack, ensuring compatibility with gaming peripherals and accessories.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery life is a critical factor for users who rely on their laptops for extended periods without access to a power source. The Dell XPS 15 9560 offers a respectable battery life, thanks to its 97Whr battery. Users can expect around 7-8 hours of moderate usage, making it suitable for a full day of work or entertainment on a single charge. The laptop supports fast charging, allowing users to top up the battery quickly when needed.

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In comparison, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 provides a balance between performance and battery efficiency, courtesy of its 90Whr battery. While gaming laptops typically have shorter battery life, the Zephyrus G15 manages to offer around 6-7 hours of moderate usage, which is commendable for a device in its category. The laptop supports fast charging, enabling users to get back into the action without a long wait.

Cooling and Thermal Performance

Efficient cooling is crucial for maintaining optimal performance, especially in high-performance laptops designed for gaming and resource-intensive tasks. The Dell XPS 15 9560 employs a dual-fan cooling system with heat pipes to dissipate heat effectively. The laptop’s design facilitates adequate airflow, ensuring that the internal components remain within safe temperature limits during prolonged usage.

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 takes a different approach with its Active Aerodynamic System (AAS) that lifts the laptop’s bottom during usage, creating additional airflow to cool the internal components. The Zephyrus G15 also features an advanced cooling system with liquid metal thermal compound, enhancing heat dissipation and overall thermal performance. This makes the Zephyrus G15 an attractive option for users who prioritize efficient cooling, particularly during extended gaming sessions or demanding workloads.

Audio Quality and Entertainment Experience

A laptop’s audio capabilities contribute significantly to the overall entertainment experience, whether it’s for gaming, multimedia consumption, or content creation. The Dell XPS 15 9560 is equipped with stereo speakers tuned by Waves MaxxAudio Pro, delivering clear and immersive audio. The positioning of the speakers on the laptop’s bottom might not provide the best audio projection, but the quality remains impressive for a device of its size.

On the other hand, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 emphasizes audio quality with its collaboration with Dolby Atmos. The laptop features front-firing speakers that provide a more direct and immersive audio experience. The inclusion of Dolby Atmos technology enhances spatial audio, creating a more captivating experience for users engaged in gaming or multimedia content.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard and touchpad are integral components of the user interface, affecting the overall typing experience and user comfort. The Dell XPS 15 9560 features a full-sized backlit keyboard with a comfortable key travel distance. The keys provide a tactile and responsive feel, making it suitable for extended typing sessions. The precision touchpad is spacious and responsive, supporting multi-touch gestures for enhanced navigation.

In contrast, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 incorporates a gaming-oriented keyboard with customizable RGB backlighting. The keys offer a good amount of travel, catering to the tactile preferences of gamers. The keyboard layout includes dedicated gaming keys and a highlighted WASD key cluster for easy identification during gaming sessions. The precision touchpad, while not the primary input device for gaming, is responsive and supports standard gestures for everyday use.

Software and User Experience

The user experience is significantly influenced by the software and additional features that come pre-installed on the laptop. The Dell XPS 15 9560 runs on the Windows operating system, providing users with a familiar and versatile environment for work and entertainment. Dell includes its suite of utilities for system management and optimization, enhancing the overall user experience.

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15, being a gaming-oriented laptop, also runs on the Windows operating system. ASUS incorporates its ROG Gaming Center software, allowing users to customize system settings, monitor performance metrics, and personalize RGB lighting. Additionally, users benefit from the NVIDIA GeForce Experience software, which optimizes game settings for an optimal gaming experience.

Price and Value for Money

The pricing of laptops is a crucial factor for many prospective buyers, as it often determines the value for money and overall affordability. The Dell XPS 15 9560, being a premium laptop with a focus on design and performance, tends to have a higher price point. However, the value for money is justified by the build quality, display, and overall performance it offers, making it a suitable investment for users with specific requirements.

On the other hand, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 positions itself as a gaming laptop with a competitive price point, considering its powerful hardware and gaming-centric features. While it may not have the same premium aesthetics as the XPS 15, the Zephyrus G15 provides excellent value for money, especially for users who prioritize gaming performance.


In the clash between the Dell XPS 15 9560 and the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA5511, the choice ultimately depends on the user’s specific needs, preferences, and budget. The Dell XPS 15 excels in design, build quality, and professional aesthetics, making it a perfect fit for business professionals and content creators who demand a premium experience. Its 4K UHD display, powerful processors, and efficient cooling contribute to a well-rounded package.

On the other hand, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 is tailored for gamers and users who prioritize gaming performance without compromising portability. Its high-refresh-rate display, powerful graphics, and advanced cooling system make it a compelling choice for gaming enthusiasts. The gaming-centric design, customizable RGB lighting, and immersive audio further enhance the overall gaming experience.

Ultimately, both laptops showcase strengths in different areas, and the decision should be based on individual priorities. Whether you lean towards the elegance and professional appeal of the Dell XPS 15 or the gaming prowess and affordability of the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15, both laptops deliver impressive performance and features that cater to a diverse range of users.

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